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So what are you doing for your holidays this year?

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So what are you doing for your holidays this year?

There are so many things going on out there, about which most of us know nothing. A lot of us plan trips to see architecture, stunning vistas or just to lay in a sunny spot while we forget about work for a week or two, but there are festivals, events and other happenings out there that would make a holiday a real treat. If you knew about more of them you could perhaps organise a proper trip to take in more than one.

This is going to be a major task and I have to start somewhere. September seems like a good place to start with a few others in there for good measure. Hopefully in a month or two I’ll have the rest of the year pretty much made tripable!

NB The list has been growing for some time now, and it’s going quite well, but everytime I look for another thing to add I find three! This will never end…

If you do decide to go to an event, have a look and see what you might have missed. Anyway, I hope you can find something here that tickles your fancy,

Chris Gray

I have a web site that focuses on my World Underground artworks. If you fancy a little fun, perhaps you could plan your world tour of festivals and events on my World Underground Maps

PS Some of these events can also be found @ http://www.meipi.org/festgearfestivals.map.php


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