Festival Of The Hungry Ghosts

Clockwork Gallery - Festival Of The Hungry Ghosts

Where: Singapore (also: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia) 

When: August

Generally regarded as the Chinese version of Halowe’en, the Taoist Hungry Ghost Festival is said to appease the ghosts who roam the earth for a month every year. These ghosts are easily pleased with traditional Chinese operas and extravagant feasts, all held outdoors in public view.

The festival has become a fully fledged celebration of traditional Chinese culture, with performances of Chinese entertainments everywhere, mixed with the ever-present scent of incense burning at numerous small altars. Families burn paper crafts in the shape of modern items (cars, money, DVDs) so that their ancestors may use these modern devices.

Mostly celebrated in southern China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, but especially in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Chris Gray

Clockwork Gallery


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