Chichen Itza Equinox

Chichen Itza Equinox

Chichen Itza Equinox

Where: Chichen Itza, Mexico

When: March

The Equinox, a phenomenon in which the sun is positioned exactly over the equator, causes the length of the day and night to be exactly the same. This happens twice a year in the spring on March 21 and the autumn on September 23. The days of the equinox were extremely important to the Mayans, as they marked the beginning of the preparation of the land for farming in spring, and the harvest in the autumn.

The Mayans constructed their buildings with this phenomenon in mind with 17 degree angles set against the true north. They combined their knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, chronology, geometry and religion most notably in the pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza, where thousands of people from around the world witness the grandeur of Mayan heritage on March 21 each year. It is here in the “fusion of heaven and earth, science and magic”, that the sunlight is projects slowly from the top to the base of the pyramid. This view lasts approximately 30 to 40 minutes, while the gathered throng wait to receive cosmic energy and be “recharged”.

The event is so spectacular that NASA has even broadcast it live.

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