Higantes – Feast of San Clemente

Higantes - Feast of San Clemente

Higantes – Feast of San Clemente

Where: Angono, Rizal, Philippines

When: November

The Higantes (Giants) – Feast of San Clemente has developed from a joke. The town of Angono was at one time one large farming property owned by an absentee Spanish landlord. This landlord decreed that times were tough, and prohibited the celebration of any fiestas apart from the San Clemente festival in November. Annoyed by this, the townsfolk decided to make fun of their masters by creating larger-than-life effigies and parading them around during this permitted feast day. The masters were none the wiser, and the tradition was born.

Townsfolk drench each other with water guns and buckets as the ten-foot-high papier-mache giants are being paraded. The image of San Clemente (patron saint of fishermen) is also carried during the festival. Angono is also famous for its arts and crafts trade: the town has produced some of the country’s most prominent artists, and is still bustling with artisans and art galleries, and is therefore well worth a visit in its own right.

More info about this and other events: Clockwork Gallery @ Facebook.


Chris Gray

Clockwork Gallery


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