Hunterville Huntaway Festival

Hunterville Huntaway Festival

Hunterville Huntaway Festival

Where: Hunterville, New Zealand

When: October

Hunterville is a little town with a population of less than 500 people and a main thoroughfare that goes by the name of Bruce Street – no lies! The annual Hunterville Huntaway Festival is a fun event that boasts individual trials, such as the dog barking competition, the Childrens’ Shemozzle & Interschool Challege, a shearing competition and the main draw, the Shepherds’ Shemozzle.

The Shepherds’ Shemozzle is a gruelling cross-country obstacle race, which features local Shepherds and their Huntaway dogs. This endurance trial involves some rather odd additions however, as in previous years competitors have been obliged to swallow raw eggs, eat dry weetbix followed by a can of warm beer, chomp on a sheep’s eyeball (with cream – the organisers aren’t cruel), and even crunch their way through huhu bugs (big fat maggot-like beetle larvae – eeyeu!). Just to keep it interesting, these delights are changed each year and wheeled out as a nice surprise!!

Just so you don’t get too upset, the childrens’ version just involves using some of the main race obstacles; The primary school children 9 years and over wouldn’t be too thrilled I don’t think if they had to sample the delicacies of their adult counterparts.

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Chris Gray

Clockwork Gallery


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