World Poutine Eating Championship

World Poutine Eating Championship


Where: Toronto, Canada

When: October

Hands up if you know what poutine is. Even my spell-checker’s bamboozled! Well, it’s a dish peculiar to the Frenchier parts of Canada, and consists of french fries, gravy and cheese curds. It all sounds so good I’m off to make some now….

…OK, not as good as it sounds! It is however a particularly gloopy and heavy concoction, which poses rather a capacity challenge. The competition is simple – eat as much of this delicacy as you can within ten minutes. The trougher who manages to eat more that his/her opponents will be crowned as victor. This honour has been earned by one of Chicago’s finest – a certain Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti, who also holds the World Poutine Eating Record, which currently (after two years) stands at 13lbs. Yes – 13lbs. That’s as heavy as the heaviest new born babies – or six and a half bags of sugar. Ooof!

Is it worth the $5,000 prize money?

More info about this and other events: Clockwork Gallery @ Facebook.


Chris Gray

Clockwork Gallery


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