Abu Simbel Festival

Abu Simbel Festival

Abu Simbel Festival

Where: Abu Simbel, Egypt

When: October

Tourists have been flocking to Egypt for years to see the Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings and experience other delights that this country has to offer. The temples of Abu Simbel lie in the heart of the Valley of the Kings are always most impressive, but on two occasions during the year in the Temple of Ramses II, something especially incredible happens. On its travels around around the Sun, the Earth revolves and tilts, until on these two special dates (22nd October and 22nd February) strong shafts of sunlight penetrate into the temple’s inner sanctuary, illuminating the four statues of the gods who sit deep within the temple’s recesses.

Excited visitors throng within the temple’s chapel just before dawn to watch as the sunlight slowly creeps the 60 or so yards up to the statues, when they are spotlit in this incredible natural light show.

The festival also boasts music, dancing and good food, but to be honest, there’s no eclipsing the main event!

More info about this and other events: Clockwork Gallery @ Facebook.


Chris Gray

Clockwork Gallery


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