Glenbeigh Horse Racing Festival

Glenbeigh Racing Festival

Glenbeigh Racing Festival

Where: Rossbeigh Strand, Glenbeigh, Co. Kerry, Ireland

When: September

The Glenbeigh Festival and Races officially kicks off with the selection of the Festival Queen in one of the town’s local pubs. This action in itself is sure to set up event revellers with a thick head if some sound judgement isn’t applied.

The main event of the festival is of course the horse and pony racing, which takes place on the golden Rossbeigh Strand. It seems odd then that the main effort and emphasis seems to go into the drinking and entertainment … although come on, any excuse for a booze up! The thought of dozens of equine racers thundering along a shimmering beach is enough to stir the evocative juices though, good food and drink aside!

There’s also a children’s fancy cress competition, a parade, dog show with Terrier dog racing, ladies & gents Tug-a-war, and an unusual ‘Derby’ (the mind boggles). Bouncy castles and face painting promise to keep the kids happy while Radio Kerry pump up the volume to enhance the atmosphere.

Festival race days will be brought to an end with live music, drinking, and a barbecue on one of the evenings, whilst the festival proper will be concluded with more live music and a closing dance. The whole three day event promises to be a mix of powerful horseflesh, good food and copious drink. It’s got my vote!

More info about this and other events: Clockwork Gallery @ Facebook.


Chris Gray

Clockwork Gallery


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