International Bodypainting Festival

Where: Daegu, South Korea

When: September

International Bodypainting Festival

International Bodypainting Festival

There are several events of this kind throughout the world each year, but the International Body-painting Festival in South Korea claims to be “a fantastic event of the world’s best body-painting artists”, and who am I to disagree?

Apart from the (un)usual body-painting displays and exhibits, there are “performances by top singers” (the like and type of whom are seemingly a state secret until and unless one ventures to the event) and fireworks that will thrill and entertain. Whether the top singers are local or international is not known at this point, but I’m sure the fireworks will be a rip-roaring experience!

Alongside the vocal entertainment, there promises to all manner of “diverse performances”, such as music, dance and magic that can be experienced each day.

Visitors can hope to enjoy free face-painting and free nail art whilst at the event, and may also indulge in body-painting on their own flesh.

The competition is open to any artist, regardless of nationality, who is given the opportunity to show off their own specialities in various categories, including multi-material / -technique bedecked bodies, and costume / effect combination amongst others. Competitors vie for awards in both artist (Body-painting and Fantasy Make-up sections) and model (Most Photogenic) categories.

So if you fancy your hand at daubing, being daubed or daub voyeurism, you’d better get yourself along!!

More info about this and other events: Clockwork Gallery @ Facebook.


Chris Gray

Clockwork Gallery


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