Hassaku Oshi-tsuki

Hassaku Oshi-tsuki

Hassaku Oshi-tsuki

Where: Tsuma, Oki Island, Shimane Prefecture, Japan

When: September

Not the usual type of Japanese festival fare this one – if there is such a thing as “usual” where Japan is concerned! This festival involves a pastime more associated more with Hispanic tradition than any other, as it involves a type of bull fighting. The choice of combatant is as far as this similarity goes however, as there are no Matadors or Toreadors getting in the way. The bulls assume a much more traditional Japanese style of fighting, as they attempt to push each other out of a ring Sumo style; not that they have any idea that this is the aim I imagine – they’re just doing what comes naturally to any red blooded bull, just locking horns and shoving for good measure!

Plenty of other traditional Japanese happenings going on around the periphery too, such as food, drink and entertainment. Drink too much Sake though and you’ll be the entertainment!

More info about this and other events: Clockwork Gallery @ Facebook.


Chris Gray

Clockwork Gallery


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