Oulu Music Video Festival

Air Guitar World Championship

Going for it at the Air Guitar World Championship

Where: Oulu, Finland

When: August

The Oulu Music Video Festival is a five day affair, which celebrates both music and moving pictures. The Music Video Festival acts as a meeting place for film and media students, and is a must for any aspiring (and established) music video professional.

As part of the festival, the Air Guitar World Championships is a highlight for many. Come on, we’ve all done it (even you!) – stood spread-legged in the middle of a room, maybe even in front of the mirror and strummed a few chords or rattled that imaginary fretboard with electric fingers of steel.

It’s quite tricky to become an Air Guitar World Championship contestant, but it’s probably more fun to watch anyway. With “as a bit of a laugh” origin roots in 1996, this rather bizarre event has grown until it’s now considered (semi) seriously within airy circles.

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Chris Gray

Clockwork Gallery


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