World Stinging Nettle Eating Championship

Nettle Eating World Championships

Nettle Eating World Championships

Where: Marshwood, Dorset, UK

When: August

World Stinging Nettle Eating Championship began life, as do most things, with an argument in a pub, The Bottle Inn, Marshwood, Near Bridport, Dorset. Two farmers debated that each had longer nettles that the other. The gauntlet was flung down and not just the two of them entered into the fray.

The Longest Stinging Nettle Competition yielded some monsters, one of which, a whopping 15′ 6″ was entered by Ex Guardsman, Alex Williams. He claimed that “if anybody beats that I’ll eat it”. A 16′ nettle was found to beat Alex’s, and true to his word he ate the nettle.

It was only a matter of time before people wanted to get the better of Alex, and in 1997 the World Stinging Nettle Eating Championship was born. Whoever can eat the longest nettle length is proclaimed the winner.

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Chris Gray

Clockwork Gallery


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