Electric Daisy Carnivals

Electric Daisy Carnival

Electric Daisy Carnival

Where: Puerto Rico

When: August

Electric Daisy Carnivals are annual electronic dance music festivals staged in since 1997 in Southeren California, Las Vegas, Orlando, Dallas, Puerto Rico and Colorado in the summer months. Revellers commonly dress in neon “rave” attire. In 2009, the festival was expanded to a two day event, which brought in 130,000 attendees.

The EDC family is made up of over 500 theatrical performers, bedecked in specifically created, cutting-edge costumes, makeup and props. Living, breathing, walking, dancing art pieces, the performers push the boundaries of imagination, while dangling from the sky, spinning on stage or joining the crowd for impromptu dance parties.

Have a look at the Electric Daisy Carnivals trailer video.

For more up to date information about this and other events, follow Clockwork Gallery @ Facebook.

Chris Gray

Clockwork Gallery


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