One Day Coffee Shops

One Day Coffee Shops

One Day Coffee Shops

Where: Kärdla, Hiiumaa, Estonia

When: August

If you fancy a nice cup of coffee and can’t be bothered to trail down to your local Costa, all you need to do is nip over to the island of Hiiumaa in Estonia and visit a one-day coffee shop. Don’t make the trip though if it’s not August, as this is the only time that the island’s householders bake their cakes and brew their coffee and tea especially to serve visitors to the island.

One-day coffee shops spring up in the capital of Hiiumaa, Kärdla, where there is a tradition of coffee drinkering since the 19th century.

My friend at Home Bake Kitchen could do to know about this? It could massively boost her One Day Baking sales!

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Chris Gray

Clockwork Gallery


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