Zhongqiu Jie (Mid-Autumn Festival)

Zhongqiu Jie Mooncake

Zhongqiu Jie Mooncake

Where: Singapore and China

When: September

Zhongqiu Jie, or the Mid-Autumn Festival is an important event in the Chinese calendar. This said, the main course of this festival is the mooncake, a sweet round cake, which around three inches in diameter, and is similar to the English fruitcake or plum pudding.

There are several varieties of mooncake, and are typically filled with nuts, melon seeds, lotus-seed paste, Chinese dates, almonds, minced meats and/or orange peel.

Lantern festivals are also held for the festival’s duration, adding a warm glow to Singapore’s streets, as well planting trees and the burning of incense in honour of the Chinese Goddess of the Moon, Chang’e and other dieties.

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Chris Gray

Clockwork Gallery


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