Equinoccio de la Primavera

Equinoccio de la Primavera

Equinoccio de la Primavera

Where: Tihuanaco, La Paz, Bolivia

When: September

The Equinoccio de la Primavera is a celebration of the first rays of the sun god “Inti” that pass through the portal of the main entrance of the Kalasasaya Temple. It marks the first day of Spring and is a very important local festival.

The Equinox, a phenomenon in which the sun is positioned exactly over the equator, causes the length of the day and night to be exactly the same. This happens twice a year in the spring on March 21 and the autumn on September 23. The days of the equinox were extremely important to the Inca, as they marked the beginning of the preparation of the land for farming in spring, and the harvest in the autumn.

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Clockwork Gallery


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