Oktoberfest Drinkers

Where: Munich, Bavaria, Germany

When: Mid September – Early October

Oktoberfest is a very old tradition. 2011 is due to be the 178th official running of the event, with over 5 million people attend the festival every year over a 16 – 18 day period.

There don’t seem to be many options with the event; get yourself drunk, get on a fairground ride to induce nausia and therefore make room for more beer. Simple – I love it!

I’ve been trying to work out how many beers and other boozy drinks have been consumed over the 177 previous years. Sad I know, but I reckon at an average of 5 pints per person (some will drink more or less and maybe attend more than one day), the 5 million attendees will put away 25 million, so multiplied by 177, well that’s an awful lot!

Can’t get there or want to sample the Oktoberfest energy? Have a look at this Oktoberfest video.

For more up to date information about this and other events, follow Clockwork Gallery @ Facebook.

Chris Gray

Clockwork Gallery


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